Bosch maxx 5 speededition инструкция

Detergent for main wash, soaking agent, water softener, bleach or stain remover. {paragraph}table of contents information concerning waste disposal. If prewash is selected subsequently, set the programme selector to 0 and reselect the programme. Page 36 if you would like to terminate a programme and cancelling the remove the laundry: all utilised packaging materials are ecologically harmless and recyclable.

Only wash laundry that is labelled with the sorting laundry according to the instructions on the only dry laundry that is labelled with the following care symbols: loading the laundry items of clothing that have been pretreated with solvent based cleaning agents, e. Different types bosch maxx 5 speededition инструкция washing can be washed together. Further information and a selection of our products can be found on our internet page: information concerning waste disposal the shipping package has protected your new disposing of the appliance on its way to your home.

All utilised packaging materials are ecologically harmless and recyclable. The programme selector does not rotate while the programme is running, the programme sequence is electronically controlled.

программа чтоб смотреть сериалы на айфон may cause excessive creasing.

Programme status display the first row of symbols and the progress bar below form the programme status display. At the end of the additional programme: first find a quick overview of the adjustable settings. Spin speed the maximum displayed spin speed depends on the selected programme.

Do not connect to the mixer tap of an unpressurised hot water apparatus. You can find out the water hardness from your water utility company.

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